Friday, July 22, 2016

Of Progress and Purpose

Be fluent in Mandarin
Read a book every day for a year
Lose 40 pounds

Why do so many people set high goals, but end up completely dropping and forgetting about them? People even drop their high goals, laugh at their old selves and think about how na├»ve they were "back then" for setting such goals. Why does this occur more often then not? 

One word: Results

Focusing purely on the results blinds people from seeing their progress and purpose of whatever they're doing. 

It's going on a car ride down PCH and only thinking about getting to San Diego.

It's reading your favorite book, with only the end in mind. 

It's going to school, with only the thought of graduation. 

The whole purpose of the action is not celebrated, only forgotten about. 


Focusing on the "why" lifts the blindfold and allows one to see the journey and purpose of the things they do. 

It's going on a car ride down PCH and taking in the surrounding scenery. 

It's reading your favorite book and enjoying the plot twists. 

It's going to school, and actually learning. 

Not only is the whole purpose of the action celebrated when one focuses on the "why", but in the end you find yourself at the destination. 


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Grown Ups Shouldn't Grow Up

At what age do we learn that quitting is an option?

Clearly not around 12 months old, when we begin to learn to take our first steps, but fall down after a few.

Clearly not around 2 years old, when our grammar is horrible, but we manage to get our message across.

There are many "milestones" that we experienced as infants and toddlers, to become the people we are today.

What would our lives be like if we treated each difficult task as a "milestone" rather than a "challenge"?

Perhaps, our bucket lists wouldn't be so long.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


What does it mean to invest in one's self? A lot of people may erroneously think that the phrase "invest in yourself" is synonymous to the popular phrases "YOLO" or "Treat yo' self".

While I'm all up for, as my friend says, "YOLOing in moderation", investing can be much more.

Notice that I say "can be much more".

"YOLO"ing or "treating yo' self" can be an investment, but investments aren't necessarily "YOLO"ing or "treating yo' self".

Let me explain.

What are you to gain when you take a potential viral video of yourself doing something crazy? At most an offer to be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show or the Late Late Night Show with James Corden?

However, what are you to gain if you choose to go skydiving? Many people have already gone before and taken videos of themselves doing it, so you have a very low likelihood of your video going viral, but what have you learned from it? That you can do amazing things? That you can conquer fears? That you can do anything you set your mind to?

Imagine learning those lessons. I'm not using the word "learn" like we use it when we talk about high school Spanish class. I'm using the word "learn" like we use it when we come across a quote in our lives and forever live by it.

That is an investment.

When we decide to use our time or money to gain a greater profit or more valuable experience, is when we are truly making investments.

What will you invest in?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


How am I going to make a difference in the world? How am I going to make a lasting impact in an individual's life? How am I going to provide for a family?

We all have thought similar (if not the same) thoughts. We all hope to go about doing good, but how? 

Please forgive the irony of this answer: Stop asking "how". 

Let me explain.

Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Teresa, and many others all have left this world leaving their unapologetic signatures on the hearts of humanity. It was all because they did not worry so much about the "how", but more about the "why". They knew the "why" of all of the things they did and pursued. Their very being emanated their sole purpose of their actions, which then spread to those around them.

Why do I feel like I need to make a difference in the world? Why do I feel I need to make a lasting impact in an individual's life? Why do I feel I need to provide for a family? 

Dig deep. What are your desires? Is it to become world famous? Is it to be able to make sure that you have connections later on down the path? Is it solely to increase in wealth?

Unfortunately, money and fame are "why"s that can only get you so far. As we see from anyone who has made a lasting impact to humanity, only pure, unselfish desires bring a lasting impact to the world. Their desires brought up the question "why?" Their questions of "why?" then presented the "how"s. 

Desire, Why?, How.

In that order.